Your 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy

Your 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2018!

Here at OMG we wanted to send out some practical and free information on the steps you need to take to feel confident and empowered as you begin your 2018 Marketing Year. We will walk you through the 3 “Phases” of how you will want to spend your time and money on Marketing in 2018.

A. Your Website’s Pulse

You should check your website’s pulse at least once per year. Even if you do not actively market your business you still want to maintain a professional appearance online for your customers that is easy for them to find and provides them with the information that they are looking for.

If you are planning on spending money this year you want to make sure that you are spending it to market a website that is going to convert your traffic into quality leads. We offer a complimentary website report which will tells you exactly where you need to place your focus on improving your website. Click here for that Report

B. Organic First!

The Keynote Speaker from Vancouver’s Digital Marketing Conference was from Google. His statistic is that 90% of the business goes to the top 3 Organic Search results. (Yes, that’s including map listings and Google AdWords Paid Ads

My personal analogy is this: If the first page of Google is the town you want your website to live in, Organic Search Results are ‘owning’ property in that town and Adwords is ‘renting’ property there. What I mean by this is that you can spend $2,000 on Adwords and the day you stop your campaign you are nowhere to be seen. Organic Results are earned by increasing the quality of your website based on a variety of criteria. So yes, vacation property is fun! but buy your primary residence first!

C. Google Me

The first step to take in increasing your Organic rankings is to make sure you are properly registered with Google. If you have not done that yet do it here! Make sure the info is correct, up to date and does not conflict with any of the information on your website or Google will reduce your rankings due to inconsistencies.

So, make sure that your website and all your online profiles are complete, accurate, compelling, properly set up to convert and searchable before spending time or money on anything else.

A. Make a Proper Communication Plan with your current clients and network

You already know the famous adage “It’s cheaper to keep a client than to go and find a new one” and it’s true. After you have updated your online presence then speak up to your clients and contacts and draw some attention to it! Stay in contact with your clients, vendors and network. I highly suggest Mailchimp which is free to use (for under 2000 contacts) and can allow you to easily build CASL compliant lists and newsletters.

This is also a great time to ask clients, vendors, family, friends and your network for referrals and testimonials.

Create a plan for connecting and engaging with the people in your inner circle and stick to it all year. You will be amazed at what staying in touch can do for your business!

If you only choose only one metric to measure this year, make it website traffic

If you have completed phase 1 and phase 2 then you are ready to spend your allocated monthly marketing budget. What you need to do next is actively market for more website traffic. Yes, you heard me correctly, I didn’t tell you to advertise for more clients or leads or phone calls I told you to market for more website traffic. You will always be able to correlate your sales as a percentage of your website traffic.

So, do not get stressed out, frustrated or confused on how to navigate the endless world of advertising options and online systems. Just follow these three phases, make website traffic your ultimate metric and enjoy experimenting!

B. Your Next Stop Is Social Media Marketing | SMM

I realize that a majority of business owners are disenchanted with the SMM experience. Well let me tell you something exciting! The most recent change in Google’s algorithms in the last half of last year was that your organic search rankings are now dramatically impacted by how active you are on social media and more specifically how actively you are back linking your own website on social media. Aside from any opportunities for engagements or organic leads or sales that comes from your social media content posts you can rest well knowing that every social media post which properly back links to your website is helping your organic search rankings. So hopefully you have had a very fulfilling and engaging SMM experience so far but if not, what’s really important is that you are creating quality content and linking back to your website with it. Remember, 90% of the business goes to the top 3 organic listings on search anyways. This is the time to allocate budget to Facebook Ads, Google Adwords (also referred to as SEM & PPC) and other Social Media Content ‘boosting’ options.

C. Start Shopping! Digital Display and “Traditional” Advertising

If you have that phase covered and you still have budget to spend then you should look at display advertising and other venues people more often refer to as “traditional advertising”. I highly suggest RTB (Real Time Bidding). I find its algorithms incredibly impressive and not only is this new programmatic buying style far more intelligent than traditional buying but it’ll eliminate wasted impressions and budget. It also comes in well below the cost of the traditional model of display (purchasing ads on only one website regardless of who is loading the page) For more info on RTB click here.

Traditional billboard advertising may be right choice for you as well depending on your business (hyper local B2C business’s for example). You can also price out OOH (Out of Home) digital screen advertising, print publication advertising, direct mail etc. as a business owner you know the long list of places to advertise goes on and on and on and those are the things that you’re going to put into your Phase 3 budget. Decide based on client testimonials, distribution and the target market which ones you want to go for.

D. Set 12 Month Traffic Goals that are reasonable and stick to measuring them on a monthly basis

Most importantly when you start out on your 2018 marketing strategy make sure you start with some goals. They really should be developed around website traffic. Eventually you’ll be able to gather enough data to figure out how much traffic you need to make one sale. You may think I’m oversimplifying things with this strategy, but I’m telling you in a world where you can crunch a thousand different numbers, the simplest and truest to growth (aside from revenue) is going to be your website traffic.

Don’t let 2018 be another year where you feel stressed out every time you run ‘an ad’ somewhere and you don’t receive a phone call within the first 5 days. Rest assure your marketing dollars are always well spent if they are being used to generate and collect valuable traffic data and information so that you make the correct traffic decisions in 2018 and every year well into the future.

Here’s to your traffic growth and well-being in 2018!

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